Princessly Poised Alice

Alice is a princess because…

  • She thinks outside the box.


  • She keeps her cool (mostly) in a world of nonsense.


  • She is curious.


  • She is kind and helpful.

painting the roses red

  • She’s a little sassy.


  • She has her moments of depression,

  • but she keeps on going.


Some of my favorite things from Alice in Wonderland:

  • The Mad Tea Party
  • “The Walrus and the Carpenter” – though it is a bit disturbing
  • The Doorknob
  • The White Rabbit is always late (just like me)
  • It’s not afraid to admit it’s nuts


  • “In a World of My Own”
  • “Painting the Roses Red”

My goals for the month inspired by Alice:

  1. Go to afternoon tea, or something similar.

2. Figure out and fix some of the nonsense in my life.

I’ve started this by quitting my second job, applying for a new position at my first job, taking my new medicine everyday and buying less food at work and working on a budget.

3. Add some nonsense back in. And by nonsense, I mean fun.

I had TWO weekends off this month, I went to the Renaissance Festival, I’ve started spending more time with Pippin, I started a Lunch Club with a co-worker and I’m seeing Hugh Jackman in concert TONIGHT.


I know these goals are rather broad, but I’m easing back into this slowly. And I can’t follow the logic of Alice completely, otherwise I would have NO goals at all.

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