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Judy and Nick get Wild at the Zoo

I'm a month behind my own schedule due to vacations, missing luggage, a totaled vehicle and a lot of anxiety and depression, but last month Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde went to the zoo to visit some of their friends! I didn't want to sloths to beat me in getting the photos posted, and Judy's… Continue reading Judy and Nick get Wild at the Zoo

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Refresh and Reframe

I’m not quitting. It took some self-reflection, counseling, crying and some kind words and some “We’re going to the zoo [next month], you have no choice!” words from caring friends, but I’m not giving up on the blog. My counselor made a good point to me (notably the week after I made the goals for… Continue reading Refresh and Reframe

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Not So Practically Perfect Proceedings

My Mary Poppins' plans aren’t going the way I want. I thought if I pretended like she was an actual presence in the house it would help motivate me more – who wants a nanny breathing down her neck, and a magical one at that? I thought if I extended the time limit, I wouldn’t… Continue reading Not So Practically Perfect Proceedings

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Mary Poppins: Quotes and Goals

Here are some of my favorite Mary Poppins' quotes from the movie (sorry for repeat photos): "Never judge things by their appearance. Not even carpet bags. I'm sure I never do." "People who get their feet wet must learn to take their medicine." "Sometimes a little thing can be quite important." "Practically perfect people never… Continue reading Mary Poppins: Quotes and Goals

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Mary Poppins Arrives

Mary Poppins has arrived! I was a little concerned she wouldn't come (she normally doesn't "nanny" adults), but she has made an exception just for me! I showed her around and let her unpack. Mary Poppins is ready to help me this month - please stay tuned for goals and more photos throughout the month!… Continue reading Mary Poppins Arrives

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Brewin’ and ‘Bout to Begin

Winds in the east,mist coming in.Like somethin' is brewin' and 'bout to begin.Can't put me finger on what lies in store,But I feel what's to happen allhappened before." Not to be too vague - but I have actual plans for February (did I give enough hints as to who is coming?)! There's been a change… Continue reading Brewin’ and ‘Bout to Begin

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A Little Update

If you follow my blog you may have noticed my absence the past month. What happened? My attempts to be enthusiastic dwindled and died as the month of October progressed, and I suddenly was overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, panic and paranoia. I can't pinpoint what sparked this episode. Did it creep up on me and… Continue reading A Little Update