Mary Poppins: Quotes and Goals

Here are some of my favorite Mary Poppins’ quotes from the movie (sorry for repeat photos): Goals Mary Poppins and I have Created for Me: Tidy Up the Bedroom (see photo above). When Mary Poppins sees Jane and Michael’s nursey for the first time, Jane says, “I’m afraid the nursery isn’t very tidy.” Mary PoppinsContinue reading “Mary Poppins: Quotes and Goals”

Princessly Gulia

I know Gulia is new to the Disney/Pixar world, but since I feel like I’m running out of characters, Luca is a good movie and Gulia is a bad ass – I thought she would be a good princessly figure to feature this month. Besides – I see pasta in my future! Gulia is aContinue reading “Princessly Gulia”

Something to Look Forward To

In just a few days, I’ll be on vacation! It’s been very surreal having something so big to look forward to, and I forgot how important it is to have that something. Now, it doesn’t always have to be a big vacation, but especially when you have anxiety and depression, it’s important to have aContinue reading “Something to Look Forward To”

Mindful Minnie

Minnie has inspired me yet again! I was perusing YouTube and found this video: The working-at-the-office-3 -times-a-week change is difficult and exhausting, so I’m going to add a last minute goal to really take care of myself this week. I’ll try hard to not fall asleep as soon as I get home tonight. I wantContinue reading “Mindful Minnie”

A Minnie Challenge

Tomorrow I go back to the office. I’ve had a lot of thoughts about having to return, most of them negative. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to think positive this month? Oh yeah… I have an idea for a “Minnie” personal challenge. Tomorrow, I’m going to channel Minnie Mouse and her positive, can-do attitude. I’ll smileContinue reading “A Minnie Challenge”

Princessly Minnie

Minnie Mouse is definitely different than the other princesses on this blog. It’s been 92 years since Minnie was featured in Steamboat Willie, and she’s changed throughout out the decades. Not to mention she’s had many roles in the shows, movies and games she’s been in, like I mentioned before. Despite all her evolutions, MinnieContinue reading “Princessly Minnie”

Give a Little, Get a Little

I purchased an exercise program. Yes, me and exercise. In the same sentence! It’s more of a wellness program, though, because there’s journal prompts and a lot of talk about self-love and self-acceptance. Two things I struggle with. This month a goal of mine is to trust myself. I didn’t really think on how difficultContinue reading “Give a Little, Get a Little”

Princessly Raya

Raya might have some trust issues and some anger issues, but she has easily become one of my favorite princesses. Raya is a princess because… She makes a good entrance, She’s a bad ass fighter, She’s got an animal sidekick And loyal friends, Well, eventually… She’s determined And she’s hopeful. My goals for the monthContinue reading “Princessly Raya”

Princessly Giselle

Giselle is perfect princess archetype. I mean she sings, dances, she can call animals to help her clean and she even wakes up prettily. At first I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if there was anything new to learn from this “basic princess”. Giselle grows throughout the movie, though, and there’s really nothing wrongContinue reading “Princessly Giselle”

Princessly Meg

*Due to a COVID scare, photos will be postponed until this weekend. Meg might not be like the other princesses featured on my blog so far, but even if she won’t admit it – she’s still a princess. Meg is a Princess Because… She’s fiery and independent. She’s been hurt, but still secretly hopes. SheContinue reading “Princessly Meg”