Don’t Stop Searching

I planned to use Raya’s search for Sisu as a metaphor for searching for hope when depressed. Please excuse me while I go vomit– that’s SO corny, Catie. What I do want to say is, I admire Raya and her determination to find Sisu. I think many in her situation would’ve given up. Giving upContinue reading “Don’t Stop Searching”

Give a Little, Get a Little

I purchased an exercise program. Yes, me and exercise. In the same sentence! It’s more of a wellness program, though, because there’s journal prompts and a lot of talk about self-love and self-acceptance. Two things I struggle with. This month a goal of mine is to trust myself. I didn’t really think on how difficultContinue reading “Give a Little, Get a Little”

Raya’s Search for Sisu

In the beginning of the movie, Raya has been searching for Sisu for 6 years. I thought it would be fun to recreate some of her search. (I also have a big metaphor for it coming up too.) See below for the search with Raya and Tuk Tuk too! “A new river to check. WeContinue reading “Raya’s Search for Sisu”

Princessly Raya

Raya might have some trust issues and some anger issues, but she has easily become one of my favorite princesses. Raya is a princess because… She makes a good entrance, She’s a bad ass fighter, She’s got an animal sidekick And loyal friends, Well, eventually… She’s determined And she’s hopeful. My goals for the monthContinue reading “Princessly Raya”

Notes on Raya and the Last Dragon

Note: This whole month is a giant spoiler if you haven’t watched the movie. If you haven’t, go get a free trial of Disney+ (since that’s the only excuse for not being able to watch it) and well, watch it! I decided to change things up this month, save my photoshoot for mid-month and performContinue reading “Notes on Raya and the Last Dragon”