Notes on Raya and the Last Dragon

Note: This whole month is a giant spoiler if you haven’t watched the movie. If you haven’t, go get a free trial of Disney+ (since that’s the only excuse for not being able to watch it) and well, watch it!

I decided to change things up this month, save my photoshoot for mid-month and perform an experiment. So, over the weekend I watched Raya and the Last Dragon and took some notes.

The notes I wrote were really random.

For example:

“Baby Tuk Tuk is so cute!”


“Raya’s ba is hot!”


“Jackfruit jerky – very vegetarian!”

I did get a few substantial thoughts/ ideas/quotes written down, including:

  • Spirit vs skill
  • Raya is a confident young woman.
  • People suck.
  • “Victim of her own traps”
  • To get trust you have to give it.
  • Trust is painful to lose and difficult to get back.

So, we definitely have some themes we can work with this month just from my notes! And I’m sure more will come to me as the month goes on.

So, happy June everyone – I’m back!

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