anxiety, depression, disney princess, goals, mental health, Raya, Raya and the Last Dragon

Princessly Raya

Raya might have some trust issues

and some anger issues,

but she has easily become one of my favorite princesses.

Raya is a princess because…

She makes a good entrance,

She’s a bad ass fighter,

She’s got an animal sidekick

And loyal friends,

Well, eventually…

She’s determined

And she’s hopeful.

My goals for the month inspired by Raya:

  • Make this congee:

Maybe… I’m still on the fence about trying it.

  • Spend time with friends.

There’s many friendships in this movie, just makes sense to me.

  • Work on trust.

I think I’m going to focus on trusting myself. Trusting that I can do things and move forward with my life, etc.

Better get to it!

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