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Princessly Raya

Raya might have some trust issues and some anger issues, but she has easily become one of my favorite princesses. Raya is a princess because… She makes a good entrance, She’s a bad ass fighter, She’s got an animal sidekick And loyal friends, Well, eventually... She’s determined And she's hopeful. My goals for the month… Continue reading Princessly Raya

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Princessly Giselle

Giselle is perfect princess archetype. I mean she sings, dances, she can call animals to help her clean and she even wakes up prettily. At first I was nervous because I wasn't sure if there was anything new to learn from this "basic princess". Giselle grows throughout the movie, though, and there's really nothing wrong… Continue reading Princessly Giselle

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Princessly Meg

*Due to a COVID scare, photos will be postponed until this weekend. Meg might not be like the other princesses featured on my blog so far, but even if she won't admit it - she's still a princess. Meg is a Princess Because... She's fiery and independent. She's been hurt, but still secretly hopes. She… Continue reading Princessly Meg

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Princessly Moana

Moana might not see herself as a princess, but I sure do. And so does Maui, for that matter. Wearing a dress and having an animal sidekick might be two reasons Moana is a princess, but they aren't the most important reasons. Moana is a Princess Because... She is very determined and brave. She… Continue reading Princessly Moana