Give a Little, Get a Little

I purchased an exercise program. Yes, me and exercise. In the same sentence!

I’m not this hardcore yet in my exercising skills, but baby steps!

It’s more of a wellness program, though, because there’s journal prompts and a lot of talk about self-love and self-acceptance. Two things I struggle with.

This month a goal of mine is to trust myself. I didn’t really think on how difficult I would find this. It’s hard because I must go through layers of anxious feelings, negative self-talk, hormonal mood swings and depressive thoughts to really get to the core of me. I’m like an onion, people. A large onion.

When it comes to trusting others, I think I fall more on the Sisu side of the spectrum.

OK, not that trusting, but I generally tend to believe that people are genuinely themselves. But when it comes to trusting myself? I have many doubts.

I doubt that I’m making the right decisions, so then I don’t make any decisions and then I get depressed about not moving forward, and I go hide in my bed where the decisions can’t find me.

Back to the exercise program. The prompt for today was to writer a love letter to yourself. Say the things you’d want a lover to say to you.

I thought this was going to be difficult, but once I got started, my love letter poured out of me quite easily. I was shocked!

I think that without really knowing it, I am working on peeling back those onion layers and replacing them with a little bit of self-love, self-acceptance and a little trust.

You have to give trust to get trust, you know.

So, I challenge you to write your own self a love letter. And see what happens!

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