Cinderella – June 2018

“Cinderelly, Cinderelly, Night and Day it’s Cinderelly”

This month I decided to go directly to the source and recreate some of my favorite scenes from Cinderella. I’ve never been a fan of getting my photo taken. It has been an insecurity for as long as I can remember. If a costume and a Disney princess is involved, however, I don’t seem to…

On the Stroke of Twelve

Today is my last day of vacation. I’m currently trying to figure out if it is cheaper to add a carry-on bag to my flight home tomorrow, or if I should mail some of my clothes and purchases to myself. If I end up mailing, I think I might leave myself a note. Dear Future…

Cinderella and the Subpersonalities

If I was in Cinderella’s shoes, (her work shoes, not the glass ones) I wouldn’t be as sanguine as she is. I would be more of a weepy, depressive and anxiety-ridden Catie. That’s saying something on some days. Her stepmother and stepsisters are the worst! Not only do they take over her house and make…

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