A Goal is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Here is Cinderella so far!

Seen in: Cinderella, 1950

Website: https://princess.disney.com/cinderella

My favorite songs:

  • “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
  • “Sing Sweet Nightingale”
  • “The Work Song”

My favorite things about Cinderella:

  • She has rodent friends she can talk to and bird friends that help her get dressed
  • She is kind, but has some sass
  • She takes life for what it is and is grateful for what she does have
  • She has glass slippers

Cinderella’s most depressing moments: Watch below!

Cinderella and the pink dress:

Cinderella locked in the attic:

My goals inspired by Cinderella:

Goal 1: Finish goals from Snow White. 1. Create a personal space that inspires happiness, creativity and calm. (I think this goal might be reoccurring until it is officially complete. Also, I seem to keep thinking of more ideas on how I can create this space.) 2. Clean! 3. Paint bedroom walls

Status: The walls are painted, but cleaning is stalled. I want to get back to cleaning this weekend.

Goal 2:  Sew some bedroom curtains. There’s a lot of sewing going on in Cinderella. I thought curtains would be an easy first sewing project. We’ll see.

Status: Not started

Goal 3: “Have Courage and be Kind.” This quote is from the live action remake from 2015, but I think it’s a great motto to live by. I try to be kind anyway, but this month I want to be hyper-aware of kindness. What is kindness really and what does it do, not just for others, but for yourself? Also, I really need to work on being kind to me. Maybe I’ll come up with a positive mantra or something.

As for courage, well, I’m going to work on being courageous in all things I do. And maybe find some courage and do some of the things I  want to do.

Status: In progress

Goal 4: Make pumpkin waffles following the recipe from Cinderella’s website. https://family.disney.com/recipe/cinderellas-dreamy-pumpkin-waffles/

Status: Not started

Goal 5: Take a break! My vacation was technically planned before this goal was thought up, but it works out well! Cinderella gets a few hours off her busy schedule, why can’t I? I’ll have more than few hours off (thank goodness( and I will be switching fandoms I am going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Cinderella will not be far from my mind, however. I wonder what Cinderella would do if she found herself at Hogwarts? Harry Potter and Cinderella have some things in common, the more I think about it. Cinderella-Harry Potter crossover anyone?

Status: Not started

Goal 6: Job search. I feel like if she could’ve, Cinderella would have found a new job instead of working for her stepmother. Well, in all fairness she does become a princess. That counts as a new job, right?

I don’t expect to be the next Meghan Markle, so one job that pays well instead of 2 jobs that pay ok will work for me.

Status: In progress. I’ve applied to one job and have more I want to apply to. Applying for jobs really amps up my anxiety, so I’m going to do this slow and steady. And with courage.

Goal 7: Dreams. My dreams are usually very strange, violent or so realistic I wake up not sure if they really happened or not. So, I am going to work on my dreams for my life. What are they? Are they plausible? How can I make my dreams into a reality?

Status: Semi-started

Goal 8: Clean my carriage. Get it? car-iage? Ha! Anyway, I really need to clean out my car and now that I have a leaking cooling system, with the windows down I feel more aware of its dirtiness for some reason. I wish I had a fairy godmother who could bibbidi-bobbidi-boo it clean. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Status: Not started

I know there are a lot of goals here, but with some hard work I think they are doable. But if you happen to have a fairy godmother on hand who can help me out, let me know!

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