Ariel – August 2018

Ariel Goes to the Beach

The Little Mermaid was an obsession of mine growing up. Heck, it’s still an obsession. So, to say the least, this month with Ariel is particularly exciting for me. It’s sort of like having a friend stay with me for a month. (Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with all the princesses. ;)) In…

Mermaid Out of Water

My day without speaking did not go so well. First of all, I forgot I wasn’t supposed to talk today. Before I remembered this plan, I spoke to the following: The dog I’m taking care of The tv show I’m watching with OCD precision Myself So, when I finally DID remember on my way to…

I Want More

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ariel’s grotto and this song: My goals each month are a collection too. These months have shown that I don’t always get the big goals completed, but the little goals make it so I do something. I collect them in my own little grotto of sorts. But like…

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