I Want More

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ariel’s grotto and this song:

My goals each month are a collection too. These months have shown that I don’t always get the big goals completed, but the little goals make it so I do something. I collect them in my own little grotto of sorts.

But like Ariel, I want more.

I want to reach my big goals. I really want to not have depression and anxiety.

But life doesn’t always work like that. There aren’t sea witches or magic tridents to make things happen. Not that Ariel lets magic do all the work. I think what  I admire most about Ariel is that even though she’s a little down (literally under water) about not being human, she still goes after what she wants.

The goal I really wanted to complete this month was to send an essay out for publication. Due to family issues, amongst other things, I haven’t had the best of months. I have fallen back into my “Sleeping Beauty” pattern of sleeping too much.

But I have to remember I have my grotto.

Despite my problems this month, I have done a lot. I went to a Lindsey Stirling concert. I made this blog more official (my website is now www.princesslypoised.com).  I tried to go a day without speaking (and learned that it is harder than it seems). I went swimming for the first time in probably 3 years (I forgot just how much I love to swim). I contributed to cleaning the ocean. A friend and I made sand dollar sugar cookies (and they were delicious).

So those can go in my grotto until I can complete my bigger goals. And they will keep.

August’s Goals Wrap Up

  1. Do something to support the ocean

Status: Complete.  I bought a bracelet from 4ocean – they clean up the trash, so Ariel can swimimg_1734


  1. Go swimming, like duh

Status: Complete

  1. Make these sand dollar cookies


Status: Complete


  1. Encourage/raise/promote my voice:
  • send an essay out for publication – Incomplete
  • find a way to expand my blog – Complete
  • go a day without speaking – Attempted

5. Listen to music

Status: Complete. I listened to music almost every day and went to a Lindsey Stirling concert

P.S. Pocahontas said it was alright if I wrap up Ariel today. More on her later. Canoeing anyone?

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