The “I Want” Moment

I had the idea that if I was having a certain issue this month, a certain princess would come into mind and I would have inspired thoughts and ideas. I asked myself a few times, “What princess can I use for this situation?”. I found many princessly faces jumping into my head at once.

All the princesses have a “I Want” moment (mostly in song form). Ariel’s often comes to my mind because, well, I’ve probably watched The Little Mermaid the most and because her song is very specific (Flashback Post:

Belle’s is really close to my heart (Flashback Post:

Rapunzel wants to see the lanterns.

Jasmine wants to go outside the palace walls.

Pocahontas wants to know which path she should take.

Merida wants to change her fate.

Well, you get the idea.

Everybody has an “I Want” song in their hearts, I think. Maybe they have fulfilled their want. Maybe they are still trying to let their song out because they are unsure of their want. Like me.

What I want has be plaguing me because of this quarantine. I’m stuck with my thoughts and I keep on going back and forth (more than usual). Should I do this thing? Should I let it go? Should I work on this other thing? Should I stay where I am and see how it goes? It gets very confusing.

Perhaps I do know, but am too scared? It is sure that I’m indecisive. This personality quirk of mine isn’t beyond my noticing.

I know I need to find my bravery and my Princessly Poised (trademark pending… OK not really) decisive attitude soon and make a decision or two.

I have a few songs to get me inspired and more than a few princesses.

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