Vanellope Von Schweetz in Quarantine

Quarantine is slowly lifting here and there, but I wondered what my next princess would do if she was stuck in a situation where she couldn’t race her beloved car or spend time with her best bud Ralph. This is what happened…

Vanellope was stuck in quarantine

and she missed her BFF Ralph and their after hours time at Tapper’s. So, she bought herself some root beer

and practiced her racing skills (on her newly purchased Nintendo Switch Lite that was really hard to get!).

She colored.

She considered recreating a Diet Cola Mountain explosion.

She read (The Happiness Project by by Gretchen Rubin) and

mimicked herself on the TV.

She ate cookies (and other sweets)

and pondered (too much) the meaning of life and waited for quarantine to end.

The end.

What are some of the things you’ve done to spend the time in quarantine?

Until next time!

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