Aurora – July 2018

Briar Rose Goes to the Franklin Park Conservatory

  Thank you to my friend who so generously took me to the Conservatory and taking the photos! If you are curious about the Franklin Park Conservatory here is a link to their website. Home If you don’t remember what Briar Rose wonders about in Sleeping Beauty, watch below.  

Split Personality

I have taken a back seat a few times this month to my depression. Maybe more than a few times, if I consider the state of my bedroom, my energy and anxiety levels, the times when I felt like there was no point or the times when all I could do was cry for so… Continue reading Split Personality

Three Good Fairies

I’m going to end this month short and sweet. And not by talking about Aurora, but about the three fairies. Catie, who are your three fairies? Why, thank you for asking! My first fairy is friends and family. Yes, they count as one for the purpose of this blog post.  This fairy (ies) equal the… Continue reading Three Good Fairies

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