Three Good Fairies

I’m going to end this month short and sweet. And not by talking about Aurora, but about the three fairies.

Catie, who are your three fairies? Why, thank you for asking!

My first fairy is friends and family. Yes, they count as one for the purpose of this blog post.  This fairy (ies) equal the people who may have to act differently around me sometimes, but still love me no matter which version of myself I am.

Thank you, fairy number one for always being there for me!

My second fairy is my medication. The thing that helps me fight depression from the inside.

These are the “brain” pills I take everyday.  I want to talk more about medication in the future. 

Thank you, fairy number two for helping me function every day.

My third fairy is counseling. I’ve had many counselors and they have all helped me in different ways. They are outside of my situation and provide different perspectives.

Thank you, fairy number three for letting me tell you all about my problems without judgment.

Anyone who has or has had depression – go thank your fairies. Without them, who knows where you would be! Under a sleeping curse until the end of time, maybe?

Until the next Princess!


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