Catie Goes Princessly

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. In my defense, I’ve been dealing with some things. Atypical narcolepsy, anxiety and that wonderful thing called depression. “But Catie, didn’t your year with the princesses cure you?” Thanks for asking, random person that doesn’t exist. The short answer is no. The princesses didn’t cure me of myContinue reading “Catie Goes Princessly”

The Last of the Goals with Merida

Merida Seen in: Brave, 2012 Website: Favorite Songs: (Brave isn’t a musical, but it still has good music) “Touch the Sky” “Into the Open Air” My favorite things about Merida: We both have curly hair She is well, brave and a bad ass She’s Scottish. I can’t help it if pop culture has fanaticizedContinue reading “The Last of the Goals with Merida”

Merida, A Baby Bear and the Will ‘o the Wisps

Brave is another comfort movie of mine. I don’t know if it’s because it’s all Scottish or whatnot, but it’s a feel-good movie that I’ll watch when I need something to make me feel better. Having said that, Merida and I don’t have the history say Rapunzel and I do. So, even though I haveContinue reading “Merida, A Baby Bear and the Will ‘o the Wisps”

End of the Month – Rapunzel Style

For such a short month, I did a lot in it even though as I mentioned last post I’ve had my struggles. See my progress below. Goals inspired by Rapunzel: Make one of these recipes (they all look so good). Status: The orange biscuit braids have been made and eaten during secondContinue reading “End of the Month – Rapunzel Style”

When Will My Life Begin?

My original plan for Rapunzel’s photo shoot is what you see above. My friend who helped me the with the first shoot suggested that once her basement was cleaned up from some water damage, we do both the museum and this one. (I wanted to use her basement because of her beautiful painted floor. SoContinue reading “When Will My Life Begin?”