Merida, A Baby Bear and the Will ‘o the Wisps

Brave is another comfort movie of mine. I don’t know if it’s because it’s all Scottish or whatnot, but it’s a feel-good movie that I’ll watch when I need something to make me feel better.

Having said that, Merida and I don’t have the history say Rapunzel and I do. So, even though I have watched her movie many, many times – I have related to it more as a whole rather than focusing on the character of Merida.

That is all changing, of course. And you know what, I’m glad Merida is the last princess because I think what I will learn with her this month will be surprising. I just get that feeling.

Below you will find the last photo shoot of me and the Disney Princesses (for now… we don’t know what the future holds, of course). These were more than just fun times with friends and excuses to spend money. By allowing myself to be like each princess, I think I learned to be more like myself. Myself without fear of what others thought as I posed in public (though I did have my moments of self-consciousness). Myself in photos – in the beginning of this blog I would edit each photo. I  removed ache spots, whitened my teeth, etc. Now, for the most part, I leave them be. That doesn’t mean I like every photo and don’t see flaws in myself. But they are my flaws. And well, it’s OK to have those.

So, please enjoy the following adventures with Merida (and a guest) below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to my friend who let my borrow her baby and use her fancy camera!

Enjoy some more photos below! There were so many good ones…

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