End of the Month – Rapunzel Style

For such a short month, I did a lot in it even though as I mentioned last post I’ve had my struggles. See my progress below.

Goals inspired by Rapunzel:

  1. Make one of these recipes (they all look so good).




Status: The orange biscuit braids have been made and eaten during second photo shoot. I may have even eaten one that fell on the floor. 5 second rule and all that. (Not very princessly, I know. Could be why I have a little cold right now. #worthit)


  1. Craft a lantern


Status: Bam. Done. I only poked myself in the finger once with the thumb tack, which is really impressive. It is a little tender today.


  1. “When Will My Life Begin?”

This question is one of my biggest depression and anxiety triggers. I want to figure out why and how to fix it.

Status: I’m going to say this is complete. I still have issues with the question, but I understand why now. And I think I know how to fix it. See my blog post “When Will My Life Begin?”

  1. “I’ve Got a Dream”

A random dream of mine has always been photography. To be a photographer? I don’t know how to phrase that, but I wanted to pick something that I have wanted to do since high school and I think it will bring me joy. On top of that, I believe writing and photography go hand in hand and it would be nice to have the skill. Also, the past 10 months of staging princess photo shoots and taking pictures of my monthly adventures has taught me that I really want a better camera than my iPhone.

Status: Still in progress. I have started saving up for a camera (I may have gotten the rest of my Christmas bonus) and gotten a few books about photography. Baby steps are still steps.

Like in college, Rapunzel has been a friend in my darker moments. She’s made me question myself and has inspired me to pursue a hobby that I’ve always wanted to enjoy. She’s proven to me (not that the other princesses haven’t) that I can still do things even though I feel otherwise due to depression or a silly sleep disorder.

If she can jump out of her tower, I can jump out of mine. Right?

Now, I wonder what Merida has in store for me.

Hunting for will o’ the wisps anyone?

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