The Last of the Goals with Merida


Seen in: Brave, 2012


Favorite Songs: (Brave isn’t a musical, but it still has good music)

  • “Touch the Sky”
  • “Into the Open Air”

My favorite things about Merida:

  • We both have curly hair
  • She is well, brave and a bad ass
  • She’s Scottish. I can’t help it if pop culture has fanaticized Scotland for me. There’s no helping it.
    Scotland for me. There’s no helping it.
  • She’s not afraid to be herself

Merida’s Most Depressing Moments:

  • After the fight with her mother. I couldn’t quite find the scene where she’s riding on her horse and crying, so I just thought I’d share the clip of the fight itself.

  • When she thinks her mother isn’t going to change back to human. Watch this clip, but pause it right before the happy ending. The happy ending defeats the purpose of this exercise, after all.

My Goals Inspired by Merida:

  1. Go to Scotland

Lol… JK… I wish… Someone buy me a ticket!

2. Learn archery/shoot some arrows (without killing myself or anyone around me)

Status: Planning this adventure now.

3. Brave – what does it mean to be brave? How do I apply bravery to my life? What do I need to be brave about? (Probably a lot of things…)

Status: In the pondering process.

4. Make one of these pastries from Merida’s website.

Status: Deciding which one to make is the most difficult part.

5. Adopt a bear

Status: not yet adopted.


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