Goal Updates – The Last?

  1. Learn archery/shoot some arrows (without killing myself or anyone around me)

Status: Complete. I took an hour lesson at Velocity archery range. I didn’t kill anyone and I even got a few bullseyes!

img_30332. Brave – what does it mean to be brave? How do I apply bravery to my life? What do I need to be brave about? (Probably a lot of things…)

Status: See “Brave Enough” I don’t really have the answers, but I think I don’t necessarily need them.

3.Make one of these pastries from Merida’s website.



Status: I made the Scottish sweet buns. It was… an experience.

img_28804. Adopt a bear


Status: Adopted. Hopefully my bear will come faster than my tiger did. (I finally got the tiger I adopted for Jasmine last month!)


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