Confused Princess

This month so far has been filled with SO many questions. And I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like Merida below:


What do I do  now that I’ve completed the last princess? Do I start the process all over again? Do I continue with the blog by looking at the princesses as a whole? Do I look at depression with the “non-princesses” like Alice, Wendy, Jane and Esmeralda? They might not be part of the official Disney princess line up, but they are princesses in their own ways. Right? But, can I afford to do that? What about the newer Disney princesses (and queen) that aren’t part of the line up (Elsa, Anna and Moana)?

And then these questions pop in my head:

How have I changed? What do I still need to work on? Am I a new person? Have I discovered how to beat my depression? What have the princesses taught me?

In other words, my brain never shuts up!

I know these questions have answers, but I’m still sorting through it all.

So, please be patient with me.

And if you have any input, please share!

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