18 Minutes with Sleeping Beauty

Aurora and I got to a late start this month. I don’t know if I hit the snooze on my alarm clock or if she did, but we eventually got together.

Unlike the last two princesses, Aurora is unique. Though she is the titular character, she only has about 18 minutes of screen time in Sleeping Beauty.

18 minutes? What! Snow White and Cinderella made my job so easy, being that they are in the majority of their films. But then I had a thought.

Sleeping Beauty is not about Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora aka Briar Rose – whatever you want to call her). I mean, it is about her, but it is about how she affects all the other characters.

The main characters, I think, are really the three fairies. You know, these gals:

They raise Aurora and they save Aurora in the end (Prince Phillip helps too, I guess). They are the heroes of this movie.

I wanted to bring this up for two reasons (I will explore these further in future posts):

One: When my depression is at its worst, I often feel like I am not the main character of my own life. I become a back seat passenger while depression (and/or anxiety) takes the wheel. The alarm clock is on perpetual snooze. (Ok, Catie, that’s enough imagery.)

Two: My depression doesn’t just affect me. It affects those around me. This is very difficult to remember because of how isolated one can feel when depressed, but it is far from a solitary disease.

I think I might do this month a little differently than the previous. I’m interested to see what Aurora has to teach me.

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