Princessly Minnie

Minnie Mouse is definitely different than the other princesses on this blog. It’s been 92 years since Minnie was featured in Steamboat Willie, and she’s changed throughout out the decades. Not to mention she’s had many roles in the shows, movies and games she’s been in, like I mentioned before.

Despite all her evolutions, Minnie is still Minnie. And Minnie definitely qualifies as a princess. Here’s why:

Minnie Mouse is a princess because…

She’s super sweet,

she’s a reliable friend,

she’s determined and resourceful,

and a little dramatic.

She’s also very romantic.

I mean, she loves Mickey Mouse. A lot!

My goals for the month inspired by Minnie:

  • Craft

Minnie is really crafty. She makes bows and she knits (if you’re interested watch the cute short below).

I was just taught to knit, so I need to practice that, I need to work on my embroidery and my scrapbook for this blog that I started 2 years ago, etc. My anxiety is wreaking havoc on my nervous system (some changes are in the air) and I need to channel it in healthier ways.

  • Make Minnie’s’ Yoo-Hoo Tea from my Entertaining with Disney book. It’s hot outside and I need a refreshing drink.
  • Dress up more

I know I’ve tried doing something like this a few times, but Minnie is always dressed well and I have to go back to the office hybrid-style in 2 weeks anyway, so I might as well look nice. It might help some of that anxiety.

  • Work on being positive. This is another goal I’ve attempted, but one of Minnie’s main characteristics is positivity, so I can’t ignore it.

Wish me luck!

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