Mindful Minnie

Minnie has inspired me yet again! I was perusing YouTube and found this video: The working-at-the-office-3 -times-a-week change is difficult and exhausting, so I’m going to add a last minute goal to really take care of myself this week. I’ll try hard to not fall asleep as soon as I get home tonight. I wantContinue reading “Mindful Minnie”

A Minnie Challenge – Review

Working from the office again has been strange, and I’m quite exhausted. Last night I got home at 7, took care of the critters and passed out for 3 ½ hours. I think the Minnie Challenge went fairly well. I wasn’t as cheery as Minnie Mouse, but I smiled at people, socialized at lunch, hadContinue reading “A Minnie Challenge – Review”

A Minnie Challenge

Tomorrow I go back to the office. I’ve had a lot of thoughts about having to return, most of them negative. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to think positive this month? Oh yeah… I have an idea for a “Minnie” personal challenge. Tomorrow, I’m going to channel Minnie Mouse and her positive, can-do attitude. I’ll smileContinue reading “A Minnie Challenge”

A Minnie Mouse Tea Party

Minnie Mouse had a tea party last night! It was a lovely evening and Minnie Mouse had the perfect tea party companions – herself! Lots of tea party things happened. Tea was poured, sugar was stirred. There were delicious cucumber sandwiches and desserts! Minnie Mouse can’t wait for her next tea party! The End

Princessly Minnie

Minnie Mouse is definitely different than the other princesses on this blog. It’s been 92 years since Minnie was featured in Steamboat Willie, and she’s changed throughout out the decades. Not to mention she’s had many roles in the shows, movies and games she’s been in, like I mentioned before. Despite all her evolutions, MinnieContinue reading “Princessly Minnie”

No Business like Bow Business

I’m trading in my tiara for a bow this month. Why, you may ask? Because this month is all about Minnie Mouse! I have a lot of research to do because Minnie has been around awhile, and she’s in many movies, tv shows, games and shorts! But I’m up for the task. I’m excited toContinue reading “No Business like Bow Business”