A Minnie Challenge – Review

Working from the office again has been strange, and I’m quite exhausted. Last night I got home at 7, took care of the critters and passed out for 3 ½ hours.

I think the Minnie Challenge went fairly well. I wasn’t as cheery as Minnie Mouse, but I smiled at people, socialized at lunch, had the Mickey Mouse March stuck in my head and I worked on being positive.  

To keep focused, I created two lists: Good Thoughts and Bad Thoughts.

Examples of my good thoughts throughout the day:

  • “Yay! Panera bagels for breakfast!”
  • “I can’t wait to get lunch!” (I’m very food motivated)
  • “It’s nice to see people in the flesh!”
  • “Less than 2 hours to go!”

My list of bad thoughts was like so:

  • “It’s too bright in here.”
  • “4 ½ hours to go. Ugh!”
  • “No one I know wants to be here.”
  • “My eyes hurt. I’m so tired.”

For each bad thought I wrote, I had to counter it with a “Minnie fix”:

  • “It’s bright like a sunny day.”
  • Only 4 ½ hours to go!
  • Focus on yourself and enjoy being in the present.
  • You’ve made it this far, keep going!

This is probably something I should do every day. I don’t need to write them down every day, but I want to be more aware of what I’m thinking, and I need to practice reframing my negative thoughts.

The Minnie Challenge was good practice and I had more positive things to think that I thought I would!

That’s something!

Until next time!

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