A Minnie Challenge

Tomorrow I go back to the office. I’ve had a lot of thoughts about having to return, most of them negative.

Wait, wasn’t I supposed to think positive this month?

Oh yeah…

I have an idea for a “Minnie” personal challenge. Tomorrow, I’m going to channel Minnie Mouse and her positive, can-do attitude.

I’ll smile at people when I see them. Greet them. (You should see the skeptical face I’m making right now.) I’ll dress nice and think happy thoughts about being back in the office. I’ll sing happy little songs in my head.

Every time I see myself dipping into negativity, I will stop and ask myself, “What would Minnie Mouse say?”


This will be interesting!


  1. The Dark Therapist says:

    Good luck on your return, I hope it doesn’t prove to be overwhelming and stressful!


    1. Thank you! Me too!

      Liked by 1 person

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