Princessly Gulia

I know Gulia is new to the Disney/Pixar world, but since I feel like I’m running out of characters, Luca is a good movie and Gulia is a bad ass – I thought she would be a good princessly figure to feature this month. Besides – I see pasta in my future!

Gulia is a princess because…

She stands up to bullies,

she embraces her body as it is and

is a good motivator.

She gives good hugs

and believes in underdogs.

She’s inclusive

and just the right of silly.

My goals for the month inspired by Gulia:

  • Make trenette al pesto.

  • Perform the activities required in the triathlon that the town has (weather and finding a bicycle permitting) – Ride a bike, eat pasta and swim!

The eating pasta will be easy, but finding a bike to ride and actually getting in the pool before the weather turns, well I better do it soon!

  • Work on being myself – with confidence!

Gulia is very much her own person and she’s not afraid to be so. This is something I do need to work on more. Especially the confidence bit.

Wish me luck! (especially with the bike part)

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