Princessly Giselle

Giselle is perfect princess archetype.

I mean she sings,


she can call animals to help her clean and

she even wakes up prettily.

At first I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if there was anything new to learn from this “basic princess”. Giselle grows throughout the movie, though, and there’s really nothing wrong with what she can teach me.

Giselle is a a princess because…

She’s polite

and quirky.

She’s optimistic,

believes in dreams and

isn’t afraid of her emotions. She embraces them.

I’ve been in a low-grade depressive state lately. In fact, I’ve lost many of my good habits that I’d built up after my time in IOP. I think I’ve featured Giselle at a perfect time because of her positivity and general outlook on life.

My Goals for the Month based on Giselle

  • Focus on my emotions.

This may seem counter-productive, but focusing in on my emotions, exploring the thoughts that start them and letting them go is very helpful and mindful.

  • Do something princessy.

I did frolic in the park already, but I want to do something else a “basic princess” would do. Maybe I’ll bake a pie or try to get my guinea pigs to come to my side with a song (or a snack). I’ll have to brainstorm on this a little bit more.

  • Be positive.

My first thought is that I’m not going to do very well with this goal, but that’s already the wrong mindset. I can do it! That’s better.

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