Pretty Poor Princess

I’ve done a pretty poor job completing my goals this month.

Confusing, I know, Giselle…

I was supposed to:

Focus on my emotions –

I was supposed to focus and let them go. Instead they were put into a pot and cooked. I’ve been quite low this month and it’s hard for me to snap out of it even though I know perfectly good coping mechanisms (knowing this just puts me into a spiral).

Do something princessy –

I decided on baking a tart from my Princess Baking Cookbook. I bought 8 cans of cherries and a tart pan, but I’ve been busy and depressed. Also, I got my second COVID shot and it’s kicking my ass a bit. Hard to bake when you feel like poo.

Be positive –

Since I was aware that I’m having difficulty with positivity I’ve been watching positive things, specifically old Queer Eye episodes on Netflix. But I haven’t really been thinking positively on my own, or trying that hard to do so.

I’ve been ignoring Giselle since the photo shoot. Perhaps I do the photo shoot too early in the month. I’m also thinking I need to watch the movie or show of the princess I’m featuring more than once a month. I’m all hyped up the first week or so and then somehow, it’s the last few days of the month and I’m short for time.

So, I am going to take a break next month and focus on reshaping the month of the princess. I have a few more lined up. (Hints: one has ears, one has red shoes and the other is $30 on Disney + till June.)

All this said, I don’t want to skip Giselle. I have one more day and one more post. She can still teach me something, I know it.

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