Princessly Poised Wendy

Wendy is a princess because…

  • She knows who she is.
  • She’s a fan girl.
  • She is caring and helpful.
  • She has a little attitude,
  • but is a hopeless romantic.
  • She has an inner joy and innocence.
  • Wendy has her fears, but
  • She is also fearless.

Some of my favorite Things From Disney’s Peter Pan

  • “You Can Fly!”
  • Princess Tiger Lily’s badassness
  • Tinker Bell’s attitude
  • Nana
  • “Your Mother and Mine”

My Goals For the Month, Inspired by Wendy

  1. Do some “adulting.” I began this a bit with Alice, clearing away some of the nonsense in my life, but I must continue on. I need to make some adult decisions and get things like my own car insurance. (To be fair, I sort of had my own before this. It was part of my parents’, but it wasn’t? I don’t get it.)
  2. Answer the question: What does it mean to grow up? Do you know?
  3. Read/Listen to the novel Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Disney’s Peter Pan is a good movie, but I feel like a lot of Wendy is left of of it. Also, it’s one of my favorite books.
  4. Do some “kidding.” “Kiding?” (Making up words can be confusing.) I’m not 100% sure I know what I mean by this yet. Do I play with my friend’s kids? Do I find my barbies in the storage shed and play like I used to? Do I find my inner child and embrace her?
  5. Play make believe. I have an experiment. I’m going to “make believe” I’m a writer and attempt to write something new. We’ll see how it goes. These goals never really seem to be completed, if you look at my past history. I thought if I trick my brain and simply pretend, take the pressure I put on myself away, something will change.

Until next time!


  1. Sara says:

    Playing Barbies is always a solid choice! You could do what we tried to do once when we were little and record what your barbies are saying and write a story off of that. Paper is super not motivating but barbies usually are….or at least they were.


    1. I attempted to get them out of storage, but they were buried too deep ☹️


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