Princessly Poised Sally

Sally is a princess because…

  • She is unique
  • She is smart and resourceful
  • She is truthful and isn’t afraid to tell someone they are making a mistake (even though they might not listen)
  • She has romantic tendencies
  • She is kind

She has her moments of doubt and despair

…but she will put herself back together again. (Literally)

Some of my Favorite Things from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

  • The fact that it can be a Halloween or Christmas movie, depending on my mood, but I feel the Christmas spirit when I watch it.
  • The very romantic ending
  • All the songs, but I think “What’s This?” is my favorite right now.

My Goals for the Month, Inspired by Sally:

  • Work on enjoying the “present” and the holiday season. I feel like Sally, though admittedly restless (I’ll elaborate on the scene she uses the word in in a later post), is someone who knows who she is and she focuses more on the now.
  • Restless – This is my theme word for the month. So, I’m going to work on my sleep problems. Control what I can. Work on healthy habits to stay awake after work and figure out how to sleep more soundly during the night. I don’t expect miracles to happen, but I’m trying.
  • Sew something with the yard of fabric I used in my Merida photo shoot. I really hope I find the time for this. Some inspiration I found:

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