Mary Poppins, Please

I can’t believe we’re already a quarter into a quarter of 2022. I can’t believe it’s taken me SO long to get back into my blog!

Last year I was at a low. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my blog, it didn’t interest me and it even felt a little dumb. So, I knew it was time for a break. Also, it was about that time I got a new job and I wanted to focus on adjusting to that.

But, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing all these months away, I’ve mostly done three things:

  1. Worked
I dress to impress!

2. Not worked (aka played games, sometimes read, watched tv, avoided anything that required physical or mental strain…)

3. Slept – I’ve learned either I’m an insomniac or I have hypersomnia. There’s no healthy sleep going on here, though.

Michael gets it.

I also broke up with my counselor (I just started with a new one on Saturday), attempted to clean my bedroom a couple of times, did some medicine tweaks with my psychiatrist, got COVID, lost my grandmother and basically don’t know where the time went.

That’s where Mary Poppins comes in.

Mary Poppins isn’t a princess. No, it’s not because she’s a nanny! (Cinderella, Tiana, Vanellope, Esmeralda, etc. are also not “princesses”!) Mary Poppins is a different sort of creature all together.

First of all – she’s practically perfect in every way.

While some of the princesses on this blog have been more on the “perfect” side, they still make mistakes and have things to learn. Mary Poppins teaches.

Second of all – I don’t really need a princess right now.

I need Mary Poppins.

I need someone who’s a little tricky,


honest and not afraid to raise her voice.

I need someone who is no-nonsense and says things like “spit-spot!”

Someone who can see past my messes – internal and external.

And I need someone willing to use all those things to kick my butt out of bed, off the couch – off of whatever surface my butt has place roots and help me. Like she helped the Banks family.

Because I need help. I’m doing ok in some parts of my life, but I’m really struggling in others because of mental illness and well, because of life.

And the wind has changed and I want to change with it!

P.S. I am doing two posts today, or that is the plan, so keep an eye out for another one this evening!

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