If a Disney Princess Got Depressed

Princessly Poised 5

For lunch today, I ate Disney Princess SpaghettiOs. The “special noodles” were quite difficult to decipher. I made out a glass slipper and there was one that might’ve been Cinderella’s carriage. Another looked a bit like a bunny, but when I looked up the label it was meant to be Ariel. Bunny or Ariel, I ate the noodle anyway.

Sometimes I find nothing more satisfying than tomatoey, can-flavored pasta. And I especially love Ariel-bunnies.

The point of sharing my lunch with you is to show that Disney Princesses are and have been a large part of my life (see cute baby Catie photos below). My undergraduate thesis was even influenced by this, well, influence. In a nutshell it discussed the evolution of Rapunzel from The Grimm’s Fairy Tales to Tangled.

Another thing that has been a major part of my life is depression.  Oddly enough, my graduate thesis was about my struggles with depression

So, I thought, “Wait a minute, Catie. Wait. A. Minute. Your first thesis was Disney themed. Your second one was about depression.  What would happen if you mix the two?” And this blog was born.

Today marks day one in an eleven-month-long counseling session where my counselors are the Disney Princesses. One month for each princess. The plan right now is to do some variation of the following:

  1. Get to know the Princess. Watch her movie, listen to her songs and dress like her. Go to the Disney Princess website and do some of the crafts, games and recipes for Princess in question.
  2. I will ask myself, what would Princess do if she got depressed? How would she cope?
  3. Based off steps one and two, I will set goals for myself. These goals can range from cleaning my room, volunteering or traveling to another country (if only).
  4. I will track my progress and share it on this blog.

What would a Disney Princess do if she got depressed?  Would she call her fairy godmother and ask for help? Would she cuddle her animal sidekick? Cut depression down with a sword? Clean it away? Sing it away with a catchy song? Ask for true love’s kiss?

I will begin to search for the answer with “the one that started it all.”

That’s Snow White, by the way.

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