Apple Pie Goal = Complete

Dough is a lot harder to roll than Snow White makes it out to be. Maybe she’s a pie expert. Probably.
It was very satisfying to get the dough into the pie pan.
I was very tempted to eat these as is.
And this. I kept on eating the pie dough as it was. Raw pie, though? Get it together, Catie!
This part was fun. Rolling up the dough and putting it on the top. And nerve-wracking.
Look at that! I’m drooling all over again.
I wanted to eat it right away. I waited though… like 20-ish minutes.

With the help of my dad (thank you Dad), I made my first ever pie completely from scratch. It’s not as pretty as Snow White’s, since I don’t have bird friends who will help me decorate, so I knew I wasn’t going to get anything like this:

See the source image

It tasted really good though, so I’m happy with it. Like, “I ate way too much of it” happy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends! I will be posting a few more times this week, as Snow White comes to a close. So stay tuned!


The pie recipe I used (for anyone interested):

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