A Smile and a Song Will Cure You of Depression?

What is Snow White’s most depressing moment? Based on the comments I received (thank you to those who commented, by the way) Snow White’s most depressing moment is in the woods. This scene won by one person. To those who think the apple is the most depressing, not to worry, the reasons given for the apple scene really stuck with me. My verdict is, I think, that depression is different for every person, so why would one scene resonate with everyone? I have decided (just now) Snow White going through the woods and coming out OK in the end is my depression with medication and counseling. Snow White and the apple is my depression without medication and counseling, or when those two things aren’t enough. Yeah, that sounds good.

Now, what would Snow White do if she had depression?

Watch and see!


I’ve listened to this song more times than I want to admit. I’ve also had more “wrong” moments this month than I want to admit. Moments of anxiety, self-doubt, unexplainable sadness, etc. When I’ve been able to make myself aware of these moments, I’ve tried to follow Snow White’s example.

My attempts would go something like this:

Step one: Have a moment of anxiety, self-doubt, unexplainable sadness, etc.

Step two: Smile. Not a full, teeth-showing smile. No reason to scare people. Just a slight twist of the lips upward.  Also, less likely to strain lip muscles this way.

Step three: Listen to/play in head “With a Smile and a Song.” If in car, sing along.

Step four: Watch my “cares fade away.”

When I followed steps two and three, I did feel instantly better. Lighter. My cares looked fainter.  The thing was, that light feeling I got didn’t usually last for long and my cares would refocus. Maybe I should’ve sang more? Smiled with teeth? Snow White may get out of the woods with a smile and a song and all, but they don’t save her from taking a bite of that damned apple.

Having said that, depression is different for everyone which must mean everyone’s cure is different. (If not a cure, then treatment.) Snow White may not have my cure, but she has provided me with a way to take a breath. To “remember you’re the one that can fill the world with sunshine.” I really like that line.



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