Catie Makes Some Goals

I realize that this post is late, but I’ve been channeling Aurora hard this month. Sleeping Beauty or not, I am determined to keep going even if I have to take a lot of naps.sleeping-beauty-asleep-012417

Wake up Sleeping Beauty! Here we go.


Seen on: Earth since 1990

To be more specific this month you will have mainly seen her at her places of work and her bed. She did take a hiatus to Indiana to visit a friend earlier this month, a rare sighting indeed.

Catie’s Playlist (When I have listened to music this month, this has been my playlist, though I realized that I need to update it somewhat):img_3045

Catie’s favorite things about Catie:

  • She thinks talking about herself in the 3rd person is funny
  • She has a great sense of humor
  • She is a good listener
  • Her pizza obsession is impressive
  • Her curly hair (except when it doesn’t cooperate)
  • She is pretty much a Disney Princess, though animals don’t talk to her yet

Catie’s Most Depressing Moments (this past month or so):giphy

  • PMS and period time was very bad this month. It consisted of Catie crying at her desk at work and moments of despair and panic and paranoia.
  • When she has wanted to do things but has been too tired to do anything. She is experiencing issues with insurance not approving the medications she needs to not feel so tired.

Catie’s Goals Inspired by Catie and all the Princesses:

  1. Do something fun.

Status: My visit (I’m switching to 1st person POV now, just to mess with everyone) to Indiana was a lot of fun, but it feels like it was a very long time ago, and I was experiencing some of those depressing moments. Next week I am going to the zoo with a friend and her kids and we are also going to see the live action Aladdin.

  1. Get caught up on “life”.

Status: I don’t expect to get caught up on everything I am behind on.  I still have a few more days of this month and I’m going to try and do at least one thing I’ve been putting off or have forgotten about or has been neglected lately. Small steps are still steps.

  1. Start working on my Princessly Poised Scrapbook

Status: I have collected some items here and there, but I want to start working on last May’s adventures with Snow White.

For example, remember this?

Then they play with flowers in a tree.

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  1. Sarah says:

    He’s so small!!!!! What a great dwarf I must say. Snow White is pretty awesome too 😉


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