You can make other creations. I’m restless. I can’t help it.”


When I’m not sleeping or distracted by a show, I’m often restless. Not in body, but in mind. Constantly thinking a million things at once.

I’m pretty sure this is my “I’m in deep thought” face.

I think Sally is restless in all the ways a person can be. She’s restless because she doesn’t want to be under the thumb of Dr. Finkelstein. She’s restless because no one is listening to her about how taking over Christmas is a mistake. She’s restless because Jack doesn’t notice her the way she wants him to.

What I like about Sally, though, is that she does something about her restlessness.

She escapes from Dr. Finkelstein any chance she gets.

She keeps on warning Jack that taking over Christmas is a mistake, tries to make it impossible for Jack to fly and attempts to save Santa.

She sends Jack a gift basket even though he’s distracted by other things (aka Christmas), and still hopes for love.

I admire Sally immensely because she acts. She has her moments of doubt and she’s not satisfied with her lot in life, but she keeps on going.

So, even though restlessness can sometimes lead to things like sleeplessness, I think in Sally’s case, it’s a good thing.

My plan is to filter my (good) restless thoughts and emotions. They are making my mind race for a reason and I need to do something with them.

I hope 2020 will be a great year to do something with them.

I’m not creating New Year’s resolutions. The term is overused and my attempts to do them last maybe the first week of January. I’m creating a To-Do list, or goals, I guess.

Because I’m tired of being restless. I’m ready to do the things I think about, instead of just thinking about them.

Sally might not be the most “traditional” princess, but I think that’s for the best. In some ways, I find her more relatable than some of the others because she’s imperfect and strange. She looks the least human but is kind of the most human.

So, I’m going to use the attitude you see below, and get moving. Just like Sally would.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2020 holds great things for all of us!

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