Queenly Elsa

Princessly Poised is going “Queenly” this month. Is there a difference between a queen and a princess? I’m not sure, but let’s take a look at what makes Elsa Quite Queenly. No, what gives Elsa her Queenly Equanimity? Something like that.

Elsa is a queen not just because she’s royal. She’s a queen because…

  • She’s magical (literally)
  • She has great clothes
  • She likes warm hugs
  • She is fierce
  • And has flair
  • She is determined
  • And she likes chocolate

Elsa has some serious inner turmoil, but

when she allows herself to be free of fear and all that negative gunk in her head,

she’s finally able to be her true self and at peace.

When I first began this blog, I didn’t think I would feature Anna or Elsa. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I felt like they were too popular and new, and Elsa’s depression was too on the nose.

I’m glad I didn’t stick with my original thought process because when I first saw the movie Frozen, I really related to Elsa and it would be a shame not to explore the reasons why.

And besides, who doesn’t want to be inspired by a queen for a month?

My Goals for the Month Inspired by Elsa:

  • Make winter solstice soup. I’ve done this already. It’s very good, but I’ve been eating it for days and days. Does anybody want some?


  • Do something winter related. I want to build a snowman, but climate change is currently making that impossible. I’m thinking ice skating. (I don’t like ice skating, but I can’t think of anything else to do.)
  • “Let it go.” We all know the song. And “it” can be so many things. But I think fear is Elsa’s greatest struggle. Therefore, I will be working on letting go of my fear. So, I’ll step out of my comfort zone and do some of the things I’ve been thinking about but am too hesitant, too afraid to do. Like ice skating and joining a biggest loser challenge at work.
  • Attempt to make a 3-D snowflake (link below) or make a recipe or do a craft from the book Entertaining with Disney (link also below). Or both.



Until next time!

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