The Wrong Scene?

I started watching Frozen in the middle of the night this weekend when I was having trouble sleeping (probably because I had slept all day) and I had a revelation.

I’ve been basing my “letting my fear go” goal on the wrong part of the movie!

I’ve been basing it on this scene. The famous “Let it Go”:

Elsa gets to use her powers here without fear of hurting others for the first time in this scene. But as soon as people show up, her fear comes right back.

Her fear isn’t gone until she has her own revelation at the end of the movie:

Love is her antidote. How lovely!

I must admit I haven’t worked on letting go of my fears and hesitations as much as I planned to this month. I’ve done more things (like sign up for a book club and change banks) and put myself out there on some dating apps (with no luck), but my “it” isn’t gone completely.

Maybe it’s just not the end of my movie yet, and I am basing my goal on the right part of the movie?

I’ll have to think on this some more.

Or, (are you ready for this) let it go.

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