The Right Scene

Idiopathic hypersomnia and depression are very much a part of my everyday life. Sometimes, I think they’ll go away magically. That if I suck it up and work on living one day at a time, things will be all better. And sometimes I think I should stop fighting my sleeping curse, sleep all day, lose my job, stop paying my bills and just let it all go.

I could try to live in my bed, but I can’t hide under my covers from myself.

Elsa tries to hide, too. She stays in her room and when she can’t, she wears her gloves and suppresses her emotions.

Remember when I said that I thought I was focusing on the wrong scene?

I don’t think so anymore.

I rewatched the “Let It Go” scene. This is the first time that Elsa really accepts herself. She’s not hiding. There’s no more gloves and if you watch her face, her emotions are plain to see.

I think I’m going to rework my goal for this month, and it’ll be something I’ll have to continue to work on.

I’m going to work on not letting my fears of depression and exhaustion take over.

I’m going to work on not being afraid of myself, so that I can express my feelings when I want to and make ice castles when I feel like it.

What are you going to let go?

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