Anastasia Goes to See Anastasia

Don’t be alarmed, I know Anastasia isn’t a Disney character, but on February 1st, Anastasia: The New Musical came to the Ohio Theatre. It was only natural that Anastasia would go to see it.

So she did.

She dressed up and ate at a fancy restaurant (with one of her best friends). She felt a little out of place there, but eventually got used to it.

When she got to the Ohio Theatre, she explored the building. (And didn’t buy anything, though she was sorely tempted to.)

She checked to make sure she looked ok in the mirror. Fancy dresses can sometimes make one feel out of place when not used to them.

And she waited impatiently for the doors to open!

Finally, they let her go to her seat,

so she could enjoy the show!

And she did!

I’m excited to see what this “non-Disney” princess will teach me this month!

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  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    A musical I want to see- hope to see it when it tours to my hometown in April

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