New Year’s Fever

Have you ever felt the need for change, but you’re not sure what that change should be?

I’ve thought a new car might be nice or a new phone. Highly impractical. A vacation? COVID blocked. New pet? Not possible. My own apartment. HA!

My parents have suggested I start small. Work on my bedroom. Clean it. Paint it. Add a shelf. Those sorts of things. I agree this makes sense, but I still feel the ache for something new. Something more.

Maybe it’s New Year’s Fever or something. I don’t want this to turn into depression because I can’t do big changes right now.

And what’s ironic about this feeling is that there are changes I’ve been avoiding. Like that clean room I mentioned above. I should be looking for higher paying job and make other financial changes.

How can one person want change but not work towards changes she could do?

The answer is… I have no answer.

Other changes I’ve been avoiding are ones for this blog. I only have 2 princesses planned for this year, and I want to wait to spring to do them. What on earth am I going to do in the meantime? What am I going to do after those princesses are finished?

Why are there so many questions?!

I’m feeling very dramatic today.

I do have two questions I plan to answer this month (while avoiding the questions above like they don’t exist!):

  • What would happen if I wore a tiara for a day? (I got one for Christmas)
  • What would happen if I wore one of my princess outfits for a week?

And I guess I’ll work on the bigger questions too. And the changes they bring. Even though buying a new car would be so much easier.

I hope everyone is having a good year so far!

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