Day 3: Sally

I fell asleep early last night, so here’s my Sally Q & A a little late.

About how long did it take for me to get ready for the day and around what time was I ready?

About 30-40 minutes and around 12.

Did I complete all my morning steps? Did I put in any extra effort?

Yes, and I put on makeup, including eyeshadow.

How did I feel once I was completely ready for the day?

I felt more confident and prepared for the day.

How did dressing up affect my mood?

Sally’s outfit is very comfortable, so I was pretty mellow. It didn’t help my sleepiness, though.

Did my mood change as the day went by?

I had a moment or two of feeling down, and I’m having a difficult time figuring out what caused them.

Did I do what I needed or planned to do today?

No. I feel asleep before I did any of the things I “should’ve” done.

Did I do anything outside of my normal routine?

I went to World Market.

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