Disney Princess Food Day Revealed

Disney Princess Food Day was a success! I celebrated on Sunday and I didn’t quite get to the dessert – I might have fallen asleep before 8 pm and the king cake actually takes two days to make, but I finished up yesterday and am very glad I did.

Here’s how the day went:


Miner’s Mini Muffins and Mermaid Smoothie Bowls

I technically used my Little Mermaid mug instead of a bowl, but the muffins and the smoothie were both yum!

The mini muffins were great as a sack for later too!


Belle’s Corn Chowder and Under the Sea Sand Dollar Crackers

I made the crackers the night before (smart thinking, Catie) and they turned out quite tasty

The corn chowder was super easy and reminded me of my mom’s potato soup… only with corn.

The crackers went with the soup nicely, even if they weren’t super crispy.


The Beast’s Quiche

The quiche was light, fluffy and delicious.

Throughout the day, I also had Mrs. Pott’s Raspberry-Mint Iced Tea, which was quite refreshing.


Tiana King Cake and White Hot Chocolate

This is how I left the king cake on Sunday before I fell asleep.

It sat in the fridge overnight (note to self: fully read instructions beforehand).

Yesterday, I molded it into this…

And let it rise for 3 hours before I could decorate and bake.

But it turned out great!

While it was cooling, I made the hot chocolate. It went SO well with the cake.

And I won the almond, which was the substitute for the baby.

What I learned from this experiment is that I do get tired when I’m cooking, but it is worth the work. I feel accomplished and a good kind of tired. The tired that says “I did something today”.

Will I do 3 meals like this everyday? No, but I do want to be more mindful of what I eat and I want to put some care into it, like I’m trying to put some care into myself.

If you are interested in the recipes from Disney Princess Day, I got them from these books:

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  1. The Dark Therapist says:

    Looks fabulously delicious!

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