Disney Princess Food Day

I can’t remember the last time I really cooked something. Like went to the grocery, bought fresh ingredients, put ingredients together and created a meal.

I have the same excuses every night. I’m too tired. I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to clean it up. I want to change the bad habits of eating crap and being so mindless I don’t even remember what I ate the next day.

A friend recently shared this video with me:

Eureka! Why not do something dramatic (like Disney Princess Week) to get inspired?

I’m going to have a Disney Princess Food Day! I’m a little nervous, to be honest. What if I bail? What if I really am too tired? What if the food ends up like this?

But I’m going to do my best. That’s all I can do.

Here’s the plan-

Tomorrow, I will get the groceries and start cooking and prepping. Then Sunday will be THE day.

The Menu


  • Miner’s Mini Muffins
  • Mermaid’s Smoothie Bowls


  • Belle’s Corn Chowder
  • Under the Sea Sand Dollar Crackers


  • The Beast’s Quiche


  • Tiana King Cake
  • White Hot Chocolate


  • Mrs. Pott’s Raspberry-Mint Iced Tea

My cookbooks are bookmarked and ready to go!

Time for a cooking (and eating) adventure!


  1. The Dark Therapist says:

    Best of luck with the cooking, hopefully we will get some photos in your next post!


    1. Thank you! I will post later today with the results!


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