How to Be a Princess

What does it take to be a princess?

Do you have to have mad fighting skills?

Endless enthusiasm?

Luscious locks?

Pretty dresses?

And good vocals?

Every month when I feature a princess, I look at what makes them princessly. The list above is often mentioned in one way or another. But there’s so much more to being a princess and I want to start focusing on certain princessly traits as a whole as well as featuring princesses.

I found this book online – How to Be a Princess by Courtney Carbone (Link below).

Here’s a picture of me reading it.

This book made me wonder – am I acting like princess in my every day life? When I feature a princess I am inspired to do things and complete goals (most of the time), but when that particular month ends – I’m moving on to another princess or lost on what to do next. I also find that I’m always planning ahead and sometimes miss out on the current princess because I’m planning the next one.

Long story short, I’m going to use this book as a guidebook to help inspire me to be more princessly and more present in my everyday.

Tomorrow I will reveal how I want to utilize the book and what it means for the month ahead.

I’m very excited to try this out!

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