A Little Update

If you follow my blog you may have noticed my absence the past month. What happened? My attempts to be enthusiastic dwindled and died as the month of October progressed, and I suddenly was overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, panic and paranoia.

I can’t pinpoint what sparked this episode. Did it creep up on me and I missed or ignored the signs? Is it a medication issue or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Is it past trauma creeping up on me, or some cocktail of all of the above?

So, I’m taking a break. I have a lot of big changes happening and I need to focus on them. I also need to find the spark of, well, enthusiasm I am currently missing for this blog. (It’s hiding, not gone.)

So, please be patient as I roll over in bed and hit snooze on being princessly poised for awhile.

I hope to get back at it soon!


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