Reflections with Mulan

I am very late in posting my Mulan photos, especially if you consider I had the photo shoot the first weekend of December.

In my defense, I have been very busy, very tired (I might have narcolepsy, and no, that isn’t hypochondria talking) and a little bit depressed and anxious. You know, the usual.

My original plan with the photos this month was to make my own music video to “Reflection” and a little bit from “Bring Honor to Us All.” I found the more literal I took the songs and the what Mulan does, the worse the photos turned out.

For example:

Just… no Catie. Also I just noticed that they are in reverse of each other. See this is what happens when you try too hard.

I decided instead to follow the message of “Reflection” and I came up with a smorgasbord of photos. Some you will see I’m in full make up – others I’m make up free (that is on purpose.)

You will notice I have broken up the photos into multiple sections. I can’t tell you why some photos have captions or why some are in slideshow mode and some mosaic, but it’s just the feeling I got with these photos. It must be the whole idea of reflection. It’s made me feel artsy or something

Reflection will be a major theme this month, by the way. The song and the word itself. If that wasn’t obvious.

So, let’s begin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I want to thank the people I was housesitting and dogsitting for. They let me use their beautiful house as my backdrop.

See you in a few days for some goals!

Oh, and see below for the songs I was inspired by:

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