Bumblebee Stew and Beignets with Tiana

You know a month is going to be a good month when you begin it by making fried dough. Tiana and I  are off to a great start and it’s not just because of the food. She is hard-working and  a go-getter and I feel like that’s just the sort of inspiration I need to start of the new year. Fried dough is just a bonus.

If I had the resources I would have done this photo shoot in New Orleans. I would have spent a few days getting to know the place that Tiana loves so much. I think I did a pretty good job of finding it where I am, though. For example, who knew Columbus has a gumbo restaurant?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks to everyone who helped me with this! I really appreciate it. I’ll see you in a few days with my goals!

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